16 April 2007

I stand corrected.

I mentioned in my last post that TV is basically worthless except for an hour-long window on Thursday nights. After this weekend, though, I feel the need to add a caveat to that statement: “EXCEPT for the Discovery Channel.”

Before you judge me for sitting on the couch watching TV all day, I will say that I rarely do it and the weather was piss poor this weekend. Also, I’m housesitting/dogsitting for Rick and he has an awesome flat-panel HD TV. It’s really quite mesmerizing.

Anyway, Evan came over Saturday and we watched an hour of Meerkat Manor (Evan's favorite reality show that follows around a family of Meerkats in South Africa. His favorite Meerkats are Shakespeare and Mozart). ...Followed by a half hour of an infomercial (I NEED the SonicBlade. Seriously, If I weren’t afraid of accidentally dismembering myself with it, I probably would have called the toll-free number then and there)…until finally I got sucked into “Deadliest Catch” for THREE HOURS. This is a show on the Discovery Channel that chronicles the journeys of Alaskan crab fisherman.

You might say, “Leslie, that sounds like a lame premise for a show.” To which I would reply, “I defy you to watch 10 minutes of that show and then turn the channel.” The only reason I stopped watching was because we were supposed to meet Mike and Tristan at Ben’s Chili Bowl for dinner at 7 and I got a text from Tristan at 6:55 asking if I was there yet. My reply said “on my way.” In reality, I was just scrambling to turn off “Deadliest Catch” before a swift walk to meet up with some chili cheese fries.

We’ll get back to the Discovery Channel soon…don’t worry, there’s more…but I will comment on Saturday night (not spent watching TV). After dinner at Ben’s with Lame Evan, M-Bone, Big Tristan, and Ribs (Evan, Mike, Tristan, Rachel), Evan and I went to see “Avenue Montaigne” at the E Street Cinema (That French movie I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks). It was great. And I wasn’t the only patron to comment on its similarities to Amelie (in my personal Top 5). I hold that Amelie is still the superior film, but Evan preferred this one. However, no one could dispute the warm fuzzy happy feeling you get with both films at the end. When we walked out I just turned to Evan and said, “Wow. I am just so happy right now.” And he said “Well, I didn’t want to say anything because it sounds totally lame, but I can’t wipe this stupid grin off my face.”

So anyway, if you don’t mind subtitles, I definitely recommend this funny, feel-good flick.

…And back to the Discovery Channel. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the “Planet Earth” miniseries since its debut last week, so I decided to give it a watch. And during “Deadliest Catch,” they kept running the promo featuring the NYTimes reviews that said “Planet Earth makes all previous conservation films look pedestrian.” Well the New York Times was right. The film is visually stunning. I wasn’t all that enthralled with whomever was narrating it (turns out its Sigourney Weaver). My favorite part, though, was the clip during the credits where they interviewed one of the cameramen on how he got the shot of piranhas devouring a fish. I’d be even more interested in a show that profiled how they actually shot the series. Cause my mind was blown several times.

But anyway- here are my thoughts on last nights installments “Jungles” and “Fresh Water”:

1. I could have done without the tree frog gangbang in HD. Really unnecessary and kind of disturbing.
2. I am now terrified of something I never knew existed: GIANT salamanders.
3. Also could have done without the time-lapsed mushroom growth and beetle larvae migration. Both totally freaked me out.
4. Another reason I love otters: Their primary defense mechanism is heckling. Seriously, a pack of river otters scared a 13-foot crocodile away from eating them by taunting it. Otters are cool as a mug.

Next week’s episodes are “Forests” and “Caves.” I find caves fascinating but I would never go spelunking. I’ll just live vicariously through those crazy Discovery Channel cameramen while I sit in my big comfy chair sipping cherry Crystal Light mixed with sparkling water (yeah, I made that last night too. Sill-ly ba-zilly.)


Rachel said...

sonic blade is awesome, the two things that i want that are related are 1. a deli slicer. seriously how awesome is that? i'd thinly slice ALL my food and 2. chopper magic. its just this little thing that dices everything...and i know i already have the gator to do that, but this looks more cool.

also Caves are AWESOME. i've been in some pretty cool ones like lasco and some others even saw a petrified wooly mamoth in one of them. it was a baby and i was sad for it.

I'm gonna pretend that instead of segourney weaver narrating that, it is miss frizzle and the magic school bus taking you on that tour

Lameevan said...

you need to get the sonicblade, but make sure you call within a halfhour of the infomercial, so that you get the second sonicblade free and I can have it. and nice pull with Miss Frizzle Rachel, she is deck. Oh and Leslie, silly-bezilly, good choice of phrase.

C said...

I am sick. Levi asked me the other night, "Do you feel disoriented?"

C - "Umm, no. Just runny nosed."

L - "Good. I was hoping I wasn't going to have to move you away from the colony so spores could grow out of you."

[crickets chirrping]

L - "Like the Jungle Planet Earth! (sigh) You don't get any jokes."

Jim said...

Totally agree about HD and watching the Discovery Channel. But I would say the one show not to watch in HD is Ant Wars. Disturbing does not cover this one in HD. Not sure if it could be watched in Analog either