04 April 2008

A Cold, Hard Dose of Reality.

LG: I was on top of NKOTB today. LITERALLY.

Rachel: whaaaaaaaat?

LG: I was on the 65th floor of 30 Rock while they were at the Today Show.

Rachel: you know what would be the best double date ever? Me and you....and Joey and Jordan. Although we'd have to trade off half way through the date. Cus i like both joey and jordan in thier newest pic.

LG: Thats fine by me.


LG: No. There is a better double date: you, me, Leo, George

Rachel: YES....But i think NKOTB are more attainable. So i like to set realistic goals.

LG: Yes, I think that's incredibly realistic of you. But know that there would be no switching in the Leo-George scenario.

Rachel: Not at all. I'd have to cut you. Hands off Leo.

Rachel: I just added the New Kids on the Block to my 5 just incase this double date becomes an option.

Who did you bump?

Rachel: Well i kinda define my 5 different than others...

Rachel: It's not strictly 5 in the numerical base 10 sense.

LG: Luckily, I don't have to make that distinction.


Rachel said...

I tried to pick out just one favorite part about that video, but I couldnt.

Sarah said...

Having witnessed Rachel talking about her "5," I have to agree that the definition is a little lax.

Sarah said...

So Danny was my favorite and I'd rather not talk about it. I've watched as much of the video as I can bear... So far I spied a great rat tail and long shorts. Speaking of 80s/early 90s fashion, Express is selling STIRRUP PANTS with elastic loops for your feet. :(

Anonymous said...
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