29 December 2006

My Guilty Pleasure...

As a general rule, I veto most MTV programming. But I do have a slight obsession with the show "The Hills." And I was just saying last night how I hope a season 2 gets greenlit. greenlighted? gets the greenlight? Whatever.

I would prefer Whitney being the main character...and I would prefer Heidi to fall off the face of the earth. Lauren was alright I guess until she turned down Paris for the lamest boy ever. But then I guess, with both Lauren's stupidity and Heidi's EVERYTHING, there wouldn't be that "car wreck" element to the show where I can't turn away because I am constantly going "seriously??"

Anyway. New trailer for Season 2 is out today. I am CISED.

28 December 2006

This Way to the Cart of Crappy Purses

One of my friends learned the value of retail therapy this week and splurged on a new dress for New Years. Tonight, she enlisted me on a trip to help her accessorize. Primarily shoes and a clutch. Our first stop was DSW, where we found the perfect black pump. I have many black shoes. The perfect CLASSIC wear-with-anything pump is not one of them. No seriously, if you could picture a “shoegasm,” we had one right in the middle of aisle 3 of DSW. My life goal is to own a pair of classic black Manolo Blahnik pumps, but until then, these will do. Perfect heel height, perfect sexy shape, and fairly comfortable to walk in. On sale for $60. And as far as shopping dates go, a “shoegasm” 10 minutes into it, directly followed by sharing an Oreo milkshake and plate of onion rings at Johnny Rockets is about as perfect as it gets. After our very nutritious dinner of full fat dairy and battered deep fried veggies, the quest was on for a festive black clutch under $50. Have you ever watched that show on the Style Network, “The Look For Less?” They build entire outfits in an hour. We needed 2 just to find a purse.

After walking through the majority of the mall, our last-ditch attempt was to “go check out that cart of crappy purses by Williams Sonoma.” If any of you have ever been to Pentagon City mall, you know the cart I speak of. Seriously hurting. I’d rather carry my belongings in a burlap sack. At least maybe then people might think I’m being edgy. Or too cool to care. Just as our desperation nearly got the best of us, we stopped in our tracks in front of a store window (much to the surprise of the two dudes tailgating us) on the way to the cart of crappy purses. Both of us saw the same gold glitter clutch and exclaimed “Do they have that in black?”

Indeed, they had it in black. And for 50% off the original $32 price tag.

Now if I could only figure out my New Years eve outfit situation. A fashion miracle is badly needed in Dallas…but when Kristin and I are together, fashion miracles abound (usually in direct proportion to the depletion of my checking account, but whatev). So I’m not too worried.

27 December 2006

A disappointing day

Last night I went to Georgetown for a bit to get 2007 refill pages at Kate Spade for my planner (accomplished), check out the Barney's sale (accomplished...it was pretty picked over, but they had some nice new stuff out. I am loving a new DVF blue and yellow floral wrap dress they had out).

Then I wandered into Sephora because i needed to get a new bottle of my signature scent (Stella by Stella McCartney). I ended up opting for her new one- Stella in Two's "PEONY." I got the small bottle, because I want to give it a try before fully committing. It's by no means a drastic change though. Anyway I browsed around and, to my delight, Delux Beauty products were on super sale. I got a bottle of Matador (deep blood red) nail polish for $5.50 and Lip gloss in Pepi (a sheer, but bright pink-red) for $6. The bad (DISAPPOINTING) news is that Sephora is discontinuing the sale of this line- one of my all time faves! It's the only place in the DC area that Delux is available. I guess I'm going to stock up at Sephora.com before everything is gone from there too. So that's Disappointment #1.

Disappointment #2 is that I read last night that Lindsay Lohan is going to model for Miu Miu's spring ad campaign. I usually love Miuccia's model choices. Selma Blair was fantastic. Gemma Ward most recently. She isn't my favorite supermodel, but she suited the brand. But seriously, L.Lo? She embodies all that is mainstream trash. I thought that Prada's little sister would have made a better (perhaps more indie? or at least elegant?) choice.

Factory Girl comes out this weekend. Harvey Weinstein pulled it from screenings because he thinks its going to get panned. Not a good sign. I still want to see it so I can check out the costumes/makeup/inspiration. Vogue has been hyping this movie since last January and did a fantastic spread with Sienna as Edie. Her spread in W this month isn't Edie-inspired, but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

26 December 2006

Merry Belated Christmas!

Wearing today: Blue long sleeve thermal from Old Navy and Victoria's Secret PINK polka dot boxers. That's right, I don't have to work today, so I'm just lounging in bed, watching one of my Christmas gifts ("The Devil Wears Prada"...thanks Evan) and catching up on back issues of Vogue and whaetever else I have lying around.

Friday I am leaving for Dallas to visit my most fashionable friend (coincidentally, my best friend), Kristin. Really, my goal this week is to figure out what I should pack. One night, we're going out somewhere where I can wear my usual cool clubby clothes (I'm thinking maybe my black Marc Jacobs dress I wore in Paris? Nah too dressy, maybe I'll think a little more...). But on New Years night, we're going to "The World's Biggest Honky Tonk." No Joke. It's called Billy Bob's and we basically chose this because it was cheap, Kristin and I can get ridiculous drunk (her finacee is our DD) and there will be people watching that I can assure you will be second to none. I don't own anything country though. No boots. No starched Wrangler jeans. No pearl-button shirts. But don't worry, I'll take pictures.

Less than a week after Dallas I leave for the Carribbean for a week. So I have a true packing/fashion challenge ahead of me. It might require planning with charts and graphs and stuff.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has exciting plans for the New Year.

21 December 2006

Speaking of BCBG...

Just saw these BCBGirls pumps online. I'd like to find them in person and give them a try. The black ones would look great with the new BCBG Max Azria dress I got last night. Although the site claims they're 4 inches (they don't look it in the pic). I'm already 5'9 in flip flops. 4 additional inches could be a tad dramatic.

BCBG Spree

I'm done all of my Christmas shopping. So I decided to reward myself with a new designer piece or two. Did you know that the week before Christmas malls are apen until, like 2 am? OK, 11pm, but still- it's bad for my checking account and my sleeping habits.

The other great thing about shopping 4 days before Christmas is that everything goes on super sale. So I hit up BCBG Max Azria last night, where basically the whole store is 50% off, and had a really decent selection. I expected most of it to be picked over.

I got a silver-grey knit v-neck top (casual shirt, for wearing to concerts/bars) and this mint green and silver chiffon blouse (I plan on wearing for New Years in Dallas) and this cream dress (I plan on taking to the Carribean with me in January):

13 December 2006

Wearing today...

PREFACE...Monday I wasn't feeling great, and I kind of looked like crap- so of course I ran into this guy I sorta dig (well at least engage in mild office flirtation with) like all day long. So I tried to make up for it with my chic outfit yesterday (see yesterday's "WEARING TODAY"). Do I see him at all during the day? Nope. Do I see him on the street an hour into my jog while wearing an oversized tee shirt and sports bra that gives me a uni-boob? YOU BET.

So I really had my word cut out for me today. It's raining, so I wear comfy flat shoes to walk to work in, and brought a brush 'cause rainy weather does a number on my hair. Basically, I looked like crap upon arriving at work (but knew this could be fixed when I got to my office).

For the first time ever, I get to work, and get on the elevator, and the dude is on it. Grey's Anatomy style. I totally just did not want to acknowledge him in the state of appearence I was currently rockin'. So I kept my earphones in. And he just gave me McDreamy-like stares the whole way. And hit me with his newspaper until I took my earphones out.

Anyway, once I rectified the outfit situation (he did eventually see it when we went to lunch), here's what I'm wearing today:

Silk flowered plum and pink Banana Republic wrap dress.
Cream tights.
Wine colored patent leather round-toe heels (first time wearing them- suprisingly comfortable.)

12 December 2006

Wearing today...

On an unseasonably warm December day, I decided to take advantage of being able to wear fashion tights- in that, they look cool...but they most certainly do not keep you warm. Anyway- today's outfit:

Black crepe Calvin Klein shift dress.
Cream-colored cable knit fishnet tights.
Black J. Crew leather high heeled knee-high boots.
Red tartan wool headband.

My Room is my closet.

Seriously. I have no space left. It's overflowing into my room. Anyway, I am going to use this blog to track what I actually wear, convince myself that I have PLENTY of clothes, and maybe as a bit of therapy to post about the things I want....but shouldn't necessarily buy. Or should. Whatever.

I can't necessarily afford designer clothes, although I do love them...I improvise on the budget I have, and mix in a few big buys here and there. My last big purchase was Tom Ford's black "Whitney" sunglasses. They were sold out virtually everywhere (I looked for 4 months, even ordered them online, but they kept getting backordered.). Anyway, I stumbled upon the last pair at a Neiman Marcus while vacationing in San Francisco. It was a fashion miracle, obviously.

Speaking of Tom Ford, he's also the creative genius behing my most prized fashion posession- Black Velvet 4-inch jewled lucite-heeled sandals from the Fall 2003 Yves Saint Laurent line. Still, in my opinion, one of the best lines in the history of fashion.

See the complete collection here.

As Tracey Morgan said on my favorite new show, 30 Rock: "Live every week like it's Shark Week. Get dressed every day like you're going to get murdered in those clothes."