10 July 2007

Killing me Softly with any song by Nickelback.

Apparently I have conversations with Rachel sometimes that I don't remember ever happened. Like for example, this morning I had a revelation that the new Interpol album was dropping today and I really had an electrifying wave of excitement come over me at my desk this morning when I discovered this "news". Then, in my jubilation, come to find out that I had mentioned something to Rachel about it last week??

Well whether that conversation actually took place or not, I KNOW I have been eagerly anticipating Spoon's new album "GA GA GA GA GA," also dropping today (which I didn't remember until this morning). I guess this new music Tuesday just crept up on me, that's all.

Then, around lunchtime, I heard a DJ mention something about a new Idlewild album also coming out today. Could it be that today was a A LESLIE SUPRISE GOOD MUSIC TRIFECTA?

Well, yes and no. Idlewild does not have a new album. But the band's lead singer (Roddie Woomble) does have a solo side project that came out today (yeah, I know. That name is so ridiculous on many levels). I had a listen on MySpace and it's pretty tight. A lot more folksy than Idlewild, but Roddie Woomble's voice kept me listening and I came around.

Finally, during my MySpace perusal, I listened to Charlotte's new profile song (surprisingly NOT Neil Diamond), which is Mark Ronson's remix of Toxic. Loved it. Clicked on the link to Ronson's page to hear more. AM NOW OBSESSED with his remix of Amy Winehouse's version of The Zutons "Valerie" (there are so many layers of versions of that song. Like a parfait.)

By the way, guess when Mark Ronson's album "Versions" came out? Today.

Is this the best new music Tuesday ever? Possibly. But then I also found out in my "new music Tuesday" search that Nickelback's new album came out today.

So that pretty much cancels out anything good in this world.

[UPDATE: Here are some things to make you feel better--

MP3 of Spoon's "The Underdog" [Which, the first time I heard, doubled checked on IMDB to make sure hadn't been in a Wes Anderson movie before. After reading a few of my favorite music blogs, however, it seems as if I'm not the only one who picked up on it's Anderson-esque-ness.

Foo Fighter's to release 6th album with a track titled: Cheer Up, Boys (Your Makeup's Running)]


Evan said...

Nickelback is pretty butt-hurting.

C said...

I heard The Underdog the other day and thought the EXACT SAME THING!!!

Then I thought, "I wonder if Wes Anderson has a special relationship with Neil Diamond..."

RF said...

You should change this into an MP3 blog; I would be cised. You already have a perfect name for it!

thestark said...

a) How is there a new Foo Fighters album coming out in under three months and this is the first I've heard of it?

b) That song title is uncharacteristically smartass for Foo Fighters, but of course totally appropriate.

c) How is there a re-release of "Colour & the Shape" that came out Tuesday and this is the first I've heard of it? Foo Fighters need to hook up their website. I may need to intervene.

d) I plan to buy the Spoon album - I was late w/ "Gimme Fiction", but it's one of the best I've heard in awhile.

e) Idlewild put out a song I really liked called "Modern Way of Letting Go" a few years back. I've never heard anything else by them, and I've never heard anybody else mention them.

f) I like what I've heard of Mark Ronson's stuff too.

g) This one was long, but there were a lot of pertinent issues to address.

Sarah said...

I saw Nickelback live during college; MTV's Campus Invasion tour was pretty sweet. I probably shouldn't admit that...