01 August 2007

Ben Versus the Volcano

Rachel is convinced that visiting Volcano National Park=certain death.

You know what I say? BRING IT.

What better way to go out than "Death by Volcano?" If that's not a fucking blaze of glory, I don't know what is.

I thought I had my glorious demise all figured out until Tristan and I started brainstorming our "Tristan is giving up her social life to go to law school/Leslie is moving to New York City/Jessica is turning 24 & getting married in two weeks" blowout party (location TBD, although date-wise we are *thinking* Aug. 25th).

Mike threw in the marvelous (?) idea of incorporating an eating contest into the day, featuring the trifecta of DC drunk staples: Falafel, Jumbo Slice and what I lovingly call the Ben's Chili Bowl "Cardiac Arrest" combo.

Although Ben's is probably my favorite DC eatery, I've never *actually* attempted the "Cardiac Arrest" combo. It consists of my three favorite items on the menu, each of which I've had pairings of, but have never attempted all three in one sitting:

1. Chili Cheese Fries
2. Chili Dog
3. Cherry Milkshake

On its own, I think that's enough to get myself checked into the Howard University Hospital ICU (it's only 3 blocks away). Add that that to Jumbo Slice and falafel, and we basically have a situation where I have pre-empted the Volcano plan.

So which is a better tombstone?

Death by Volcano
Death by Ben's Chili Bowl?


Evan said...

volcano...mainly because your story will be told on discovery channel nearly every year...where as ben's chili bowl will merely get you in the washington post a day, and bring health officials to scrutinize ben's chili bowl which in turn will ruin the meals of the ALIVE people that would like to indulge in some chili. However, if you can freeze bens chili bowl and eat it while dying from a volcano, you will avoid damaging the bens chili bowl reputation and still make discovery channel...where they will mention that you died while eating a staple of all Dcist's diet.

Rachel said...

not only that evan, but she'd bring world wide fame to ben's chili bowl thus helping them grow and expand but not in a mcdonalds type way...in a super awesome way.

joe said...

wow, someone else has heard of joe verses the volcano. That's a good film.

Rachel said...

seriously joe? didnt we all see it in the theater when it first came out? who HASNT heard of it?