06 August 2007

Weekend snapshot.


Leslie: 3 shots of Goldschlager, please.

Bartender: We're out of Goldschlager. Can I get you something else?

Leslie (famous last words): Just make me something that will kick me on my ass.

-30 minutes later-

Leslie (to Rachel): I have to leave. I have to go home and puke. BYE.


Turns out Jen (recipient of 1 of the 3 shots) puked and Rachel (other recipient of 1 of the 3 shots) passed out on her bathroom floor in a puking attempt.

Now convinced shot was actually ipecac.

I laid in bed hungover until 4pm. Went to see Labyrinth at E Street Cinema for the 20th anniversary celebration with Ted later that evening. So much fun to watch with a big group of people that truly appreciate its campiness/David Bowie in spandex.

After a couple glasses of wine later that night, I found out I was not quite ready to start drinking again. But it was helpful in easing the experience of watching Will's home video (for the third time) of him playing Wisconsin-backyard-football circa 1991. After that special screening, I went home and watched the Shia LaBeouf SNL re-run through Weekend Update and went to bed.


Productivity, finally. Woke up early. Did a little trash and treasure separation in my apartment (I move out at the end of the month). Hit 7-11 for coffee then had a brunch of fruit and veggie samples from the Dupont farmer's market. Also loaded up on locally-grown tomatoes, peaches and fresh basil. Took the metro to Friendship Heights and got a new piece of luggage. Came home and grocery shopped. Cooked some scallops for dinner. Called my Grandma. Went over to Will and Ted's for our weekly Entourage and Flight of the Conchords viewing. This ended in probably, what was the highlight of my weekend: a kitchen duel between Will and Ted. What happened was, after Flight of the Conchords, I was sitting in Ted's room talking and we were watching a movie trailer and Will walked in. This prompted Ted to exclaim: "WILL! GET OUT OF MY FUCKING ROOM! JUST GO! LEAVE US! GET THE HELL OUT!" Of course, this just egged on Will and the situation escalated until they eventually ran out into to the kitchen, Ted grabbing a pepper grinder as a weapon and Will grabbing a wine bottle as a weapon and after a minute-or-so-long stand off, Ted yelling, "LESLIE! OPEN THE DOOR!" And so I did as instructed and Ted threw down the pepper grinder and ran out of the apartment. I mean, I guess that's pretty much a typical Sunday night at Will and Ted's. At least I'd assume so from most of my experiences there.

OH, PS- If you haven't picked up on it yet, I'm moving to NY. This has come as a surprise to some people when I just throw it into casual conversation, so I guess I haven't been real effective at relaying the news. Anyway, I leave DC at the end of August. Traveling to Maui for Robbie and Jessica's wedding Sept. 5. I get back to the mainland on the 16th (barring any volcano incidents) and start my new job in NY on September 18. So there, you go. My life in a nutshell for the next month and a half.

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C said...

Hey Leslie -
Congratulations. Oh, on what? How about your SNAKE FREE LIFE!

Lylas (ha! i brought it back!),