21 May 2007


I'm leaving town tomorrow for WW7. (Wedding Week 2007, not World War 7. Although it's been said that they might be on par with each other if we're rating each on the "shock and awe" potential.)

Weekend was great though. I'm short on time, trying to wrap up work before I head to NY for the week, but we'll play a little phrase association as a recap:

Friday Happy Hour--Lasted until 2am. Started at Irish Times. Ended at Big Hunt. Draw your own conclusions.

Saturday Morning-- Began at 1pm.

Movie: Little Children-- Felt physically ill at several points during the movie. Felt a bit violated after watching it. IT WAS GREAT! Jennifer Connelly is the hottest woman alive.

Dinner: Outside at Rosemary's Thyme Bistro-- Saw a woman in funny glasses stopped at the intersection by our table...She had her head lying outside an open car door window as if she were sleeping (wearing funny glasses and a fake mustache) cuddling a rubber chicken which was ALSO wearing a fake mustache. We all laugh. Except they sit at the red light for about 60 seconds. AWKWARD. Later, when I texted a couple people about this sighting, Rachel will instruct me to "specify that it was a fake mustache on the chicken so that they won't think I am referring to an excess of feathers." I also reach the conclusion that weenie dogs evolved from T-Rex's. SHORT, USELESS ARMS. C'MON!

Bar: Jen's Birthday--Typical bar music: Nickelback, Hinder, Kylie Minogue, FERGALICIOUS, the Brokeback Mountain theme. My Analysis, respectively: VOMIT. VOMIT. VOMIT. OK, sometimes I do work out to Fergalicious...but VOMIT. And, WAIT. What??? the Brokeback Mountain theme?

I wonder how you could make the Brokeback Mountain theme any gayer. Well, I guess you could turn it into a techno song.


Just when I thought we were in for a soothing gay movie theme, they took it up a level and decided to add backbeat, and I am pretty sure...acid.

All and all, the party was pretty fun. There was a Care Bear cake, a roofdeck, the music eventually remedied its reputation by playing Lily Allen's "Smile" four times, and then I was offered Cocaine by a questionable fellow who seemed to take a liking to me. All I could tell him was, "I am going to have to just say no." Aaaaaand, EXIT PARTY.

Sunday morning: Began at 2pm. Watched some basketball. Went to the movies (saw "Away From Her." Good movie, but a bit of a downer. Which, going into it knowing that it was a film about Alzheimer's, I didn't expect anything less.) Sat on my stoop and read outside for a while. Got bit by a spider. Didn't turn me into Spiderwoman though. Dang.

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