01 May 2007

A Change of Address?

Well, I was going to write all about my weekend-won our football game in the last 4 seconds; went to see Paramore at the 9:30 Club and hung out with some friends I haven’t seen since high school at the show; attended closing day of DCFilmfest, which featured a screening of Paris, Je T’Aime.

But all of that has been overshadowed by my roommate telling me last night that she is moving out June 1st. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a big deal—I’d just find a new roommate and sign another lease. But some of you know I was considering a move to New York City this fall. And this roommate news is really forcing me to weigh my options (I’ve pretty much been weighing them all night long and am running on little-to-no sleep—please pardon any typos):

1. Stay in my apartment and find a new roommate (really, there is like a 0.05% chance of this happening)
2. Stay in my apartment and keep it all to myself (probably about 30% chance)
3. Stay in DC and find a cheaper apartment for myself (4.95%)
4. Move to New York in the July/August range (35%)
5. Move to New York in the October/November Range (30%)

I have a phone date tonight with a close friend of mine who is living in NJ and working in the city and might be looking to move to Manhattan in August. MY main concern at this point is not finding a place to live. It’s finding a job. And then there is my job here- which is so flexible and laid back-and I am pretty sure my boss would be devastated if (when) he finds out. Do I tell him I’m looking or keep quiet? Especially since I’ve written nothing in stone yet.

My motivation for moving wouldn’t be work, I’ve just always wanted to live in New York. I am at a place in my life when I CAN. And for several months I’ve been feeling that I’m not “happy” in Washington- just content. And I’ve always lived in this general area, I think I would really regret it later in my life if I didn’t make a change.

I am a relatively laid-back person. But things like major change are known to give me anxiety attacks. Like what if I move to NY and I absolutely HATE it? Will I be able to afford it? I’ve heard nightmare stories about people working from like 7am until 10 at night- Will that be me?

I hoping that after talking with some of my friends there this week and with my mom (I don’t need a yes or no from her, and I’m sure she’d support whatever I choose, but I do need to hear that she thinks it’s a smart move—even if she doesn’t particularly like it).

I also just bought plane tickets last week for 10 days in Maui in September (for Jessica and Robbie’s wedding). By the time that rolls around, I think I will definitely need a break from life. Now I am just regretting I didn’t book 2 full weeks.


C said...

If you move to New York, *I* will be the one who has an anxiety attack.

I would also teach Bones and Bean to sing in Joey-MacIntyre-falsetto "Please Don't Go Girl" and make them sing it to you until fall.

joe said...

New York is pretty awesome. But you can't move yet, i just moved into dc and you're the only person i know who lives nearby!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you are thinking it through... You are in a similar place to where I was last year. You'll figure out what to do and you have my mistakes to learn from, which will hopefully be useful.

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