28 December 2006

This Way to the Cart of Crappy Purses

One of my friends learned the value of retail therapy this week and splurged on a new dress for New Years. Tonight, she enlisted me on a trip to help her accessorize. Primarily shoes and a clutch. Our first stop was DSW, where we found the perfect black pump. I have many black shoes. The perfect CLASSIC wear-with-anything pump is not one of them. No seriously, if you could picture a “shoegasm,” we had one right in the middle of aisle 3 of DSW. My life goal is to own a pair of classic black Manolo Blahnik pumps, but until then, these will do. Perfect heel height, perfect sexy shape, and fairly comfortable to walk in. On sale for $60. And as far as shopping dates go, a “shoegasm” 10 minutes into it, directly followed by sharing an Oreo milkshake and plate of onion rings at Johnny Rockets is about as perfect as it gets. After our very nutritious dinner of full fat dairy and battered deep fried veggies, the quest was on for a festive black clutch under $50. Have you ever watched that show on the Style Network, “The Look For Less?” They build entire outfits in an hour. We needed 2 just to find a purse.

After walking through the majority of the mall, our last-ditch attempt was to “go check out that cart of crappy purses by Williams Sonoma.” If any of you have ever been to Pentagon City mall, you know the cart I speak of. Seriously hurting. I’d rather carry my belongings in a burlap sack. At least maybe then people might think I’m being edgy. Or too cool to care. Just as our desperation nearly got the best of us, we stopped in our tracks in front of a store window (much to the surprise of the two dudes tailgating us) on the way to the cart of crappy purses. Both of us saw the same gold glitter clutch and exclaimed “Do they have that in black?”

Indeed, they had it in black. And for 50% off the original $32 price tag.

Now if I could only figure out my New Years eve outfit situation. A fashion miracle is badly needed in Dallas…but when Kristin and I are together, fashion miracles abound (usually in direct proportion to the depletion of my checking account, but whatev). So I’m not too worried.

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Rachel said...

I can honestly say thats the best date I've been on in a LONG time. I cant wait to wear the new items! yay for retail therapy!