27 December 2006

A disappointing day

Last night I went to Georgetown for a bit to get 2007 refill pages at Kate Spade for my planner (accomplished), check out the Barney's sale (accomplished...it was pretty picked over, but they had some nice new stuff out. I am loving a new DVF blue and yellow floral wrap dress they had out).

Then I wandered into Sephora because i needed to get a new bottle of my signature scent (Stella by Stella McCartney). I ended up opting for her new one- Stella in Two's "PEONY." I got the small bottle, because I want to give it a try before fully committing. It's by no means a drastic change though. Anyway I browsed around and, to my delight, Delux Beauty products were on super sale. I got a bottle of Matador (deep blood red) nail polish for $5.50 and Lip gloss in Pepi (a sheer, but bright pink-red) for $6. The bad (DISAPPOINTING) news is that Sephora is discontinuing the sale of this line- one of my all time faves! It's the only place in the DC area that Delux is available. I guess I'm going to stock up at Sephora.com before everything is gone from there too. So that's Disappointment #1.

Disappointment #2 is that I read last night that Lindsay Lohan is going to model for Miu Miu's spring ad campaign. I usually love Miuccia's model choices. Selma Blair was fantastic. Gemma Ward most recently. She isn't my favorite supermodel, but she suited the brand. But seriously, L.Lo? She embodies all that is mainstream trash. I thought that Prada's little sister would have made a better (perhaps more indie? or at least elegant?) choice.

Factory Girl comes out this weekend. Harvey Weinstein pulled it from screenings because he thinks its going to get panned. Not a good sign. I still want to see it so I can check out the costumes/makeup/inspiration. Vogue has been hyping this movie since last January and did a fantastic spread with Sienna as Edie. Her spread in W this month isn't Edie-inspired, but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

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