13 December 2006

Wearing today...

PREFACE...Monday I wasn't feeling great, and I kind of looked like crap- so of course I ran into this guy I sorta dig (well at least engage in mild office flirtation with) like all day long. So I tried to make up for it with my chic outfit yesterday (see yesterday's "WEARING TODAY"). Do I see him at all during the day? Nope. Do I see him on the street an hour into my jog while wearing an oversized tee shirt and sports bra that gives me a uni-boob? YOU BET.

So I really had my word cut out for me today. It's raining, so I wear comfy flat shoes to walk to work in, and brought a brush 'cause rainy weather does a number on my hair. Basically, I looked like crap upon arriving at work (but knew this could be fixed when I got to my office).

For the first time ever, I get to work, and get on the elevator, and the dude is on it. Grey's Anatomy style. I totally just did not want to acknowledge him in the state of appearence I was currently rockin'. So I kept my earphones in. And he just gave me McDreamy-like stares the whole way. And hit me with his newspaper until I took my earphones out.

Anyway, once I rectified the outfit situation (he did eventually see it when we went to lunch), here's what I'm wearing today:

Silk flowered plum and pink Banana Republic wrap dress.
Cream tights.
Wine colored patent leather round-toe heels (first time wearing them- suprisingly comfortable.)

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