12 December 2006

My Room is my closet.

Seriously. I have no space left. It's overflowing into my room. Anyway, I am going to use this blog to track what I actually wear, convince myself that I have PLENTY of clothes, and maybe as a bit of therapy to post about the things I want....but shouldn't necessarily buy. Or should. Whatever.

I can't necessarily afford designer clothes, although I do love them...I improvise on the budget I have, and mix in a few big buys here and there. My last big purchase was Tom Ford's black "Whitney" sunglasses. They were sold out virtually everywhere (I looked for 4 months, even ordered them online, but they kept getting backordered.). Anyway, I stumbled upon the last pair at a Neiman Marcus while vacationing in San Francisco. It was a fashion miracle, obviously.

Speaking of Tom Ford, he's also the creative genius behing my most prized fashion posession- Black Velvet 4-inch jewled lucite-heeled sandals from the Fall 2003 Yves Saint Laurent line. Still, in my opinion, one of the best lines in the history of fashion.

See the complete collection here.

As Tracey Morgan said on my favorite new show, 30 Rock: "Live every week like it's Shark Week. Get dressed every day like you're going to get murdered in those clothes."

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