04 January 2007

As Predicted, Fashion Miracles Abound Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Although the universe tried to keep us apart by canceling my flight to Dallas Friday night, I eventually arrived the next day to visit my “BFFE” Kfo (Kristin). Fashionably late, I guess. Didn’t the universe get the memo? Punctuality is the new black.

Sunday consisted of a lot of football watching, manis & pedis, and the last round of binge drinking I’ll do for a while. We spent the first 30 minutes of 2007 (from what I’m told by bystanders) doing things that would get our Miss USA crowns taken away. That is why only we will ever see the pictures/video footage. Around 12:30 am, we exited Billy Bob’s, slept in the back of the biggest pickup truck I have ever been in on the way home, and then vomited red Gatorade. Kristin tricked her mom into thinking she had alcohol poisoning. Cool prank, Krisitn!

We didn’t get out of bed until 8pm the next day. We had planned on going out for sushi for dinner that night, but opted to go to Olive Garden instead as pasta was about all we could stomach at that point. Then we came home and watched the Devil Wears Prada.

So basically, we had to fit Dallas “culture” (trip to the science museum), shopping, and a Mavs game into one day. We hit Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Barney’s. Dressing room shenanigans ensue whenever we’ve got piles of designer clothes to try on and cameras. Kristin tried on the cutest Diane Von Furstenburg trenchcoat, but alas, it was not included in the sale. We snapped a pic of her in it, though. I tried on a silk DVF dress (black with her signature hot pink lips printed all over it) for the cameras.

Kristin ended up buying the DVF jacket I that tried on but was too small for me. It’s a stretch wool black jacket that can also be worn as a blazer, wrap, or cardigan. It’s classic and ultra-versatile. Originally $400, marked down to $150. Meanwhile I was stewing because they were out of my size and I had jacket jealousy now that Kristin was getting it. But, being the best friend she is, she inquired about finding it at another store for me. They didn’t have it in DC, but the sales lady offered to order it in and ship it to me.

Matching Black DVF jackets at 70% off: FASHION MIRACLE!

At Barney’s, we tried on a lot of Marc Jacobs, but agreed the DVF purchase was better than the MJ selections. I almost bought a silk sundress by Cynthia Vincent, but noticed a small snag in the fabric and it was their last one. I was bummed, but figured I’d be able to find it on a site somewhere. So I searched all around yesterday online to find it. Barney’s online, Neimans, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, ShopBop, Pinkmascara.com, you name it, I checked it. Then, today my friend Sarah, who lives in New York, sent me a link to a sale for a new site I hadn’t heard of before: UrbanChic.com.

I decided it was worth a shot. And alas, FASHION MIRACLE #2. I never would have given the dress a second look online, but loved it in person and when I tried it on. And it’s 50% off. And after UPS ships it, it will be mine.

To cap off my Dallas trip, we went to the Dallas Mavericks game Tuesday night. They pummeled the Seattle Supersonics (who both Kfo and I agree have uniforms the color of dirt green) and my fave NBA player, Dirk Nowitski scored 31 points even though he was sick. Kristin also came up for a name for the too-short spandex “skorts” worn by the Mavs dancers: Skunderwear.


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Sarah said...

SWEET! I'm glad I could help you out. Glad TX was fun!