19 January 2007

Fashionably Late with my Golden Globes Review...

Obviously, I’ve been missing in action for a bit. I was on Vacay (in Tejas, as reported previously), then on vacay again (cruise to St. Thomas, St. Lucia, Barbados, Dominica & Antigua).

[Photo I took in Antigua]

So this is going to be a short update as I get my life in order.

1. I missed the season premiere of The Hills, but fully anticipate MTV re-running it 18 times this weekend and catching it then. Early reports from friends (i.e. Kfo) indicate it’s going to be awesome.

2. Although I was dismayed by some of the Hollywood Foreign Press’s decisions at the Golden Globes this year (how in the hell did Ugly Betty beat Weeds?), they redeemed themselves for all of their poor choices with the selection of Alec Baldwin as best actor in a comedy. Listen to the message Alec left me this week: http://30rock.nbc.com/receiver.php?key=C7E788C5A9709C106117232E51AEA921

3. Speaking of Golden Globes, I am finally ready to release my best and worst dressed list. Honorable "BEST" mentions go to Sienna Miller (although she's the only one who could ever pull that off), Kate Winslet, and America Ferrara (even though I am still bitter about the Ugly Betty-over-Weeds thing).

BEST--Reese in a beautiful, vibrant canary yellow (THE color this season) Nina Ricci dress.

WORST-- Cameron. Please go back to blonde. And I used to admire your style choices, but this dress is a train wreck.

BEST: Jennifer Hudson. Tasteful, Classic, and perfect for her shape. I usually don't like gowns with sleeves, but she works it.

WORST: Courtney Cox or Jennifer Love Hewitt. I can't decide which is worse. Although I like Cox & Arquette and can't really stand Hewitt, both look equally terrible.

BEST: Alec--A sense of humor looks fabulous on EVERYONE.

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