22 January 2007

First Snow

After weeks of above-normal temps, even Republicans were beginning to believe that Al Gore might be on to something. But now that Washington has had it’s first snow, I can finally wear my $30 green rubber rain/snow boots that I bought at Marc Jacobs in San Francisco this fall.

You might say, “But Leslie, you don’t need an excuse to wear cute boots.” And to that I say, “I have a personal problem with people wearing ‘weather’ gear on sunny, 70 degree days.”

I’ll recall a day I spent this summer at my friend Rachel’s pool. We decided that we’d had enough lying out in the sun and decided to go to Target to buy a new chair for her dining room. Don’t question our random decision making processes.

Flash forward to aisle 17, the home furnishings aisle, and I look over to see this 20-something girl in a tank top, shorts, and knee-high rubber wellies with flowers painted all over them. First of all, don’t get me started on how HOT her feet must be covered in rubber during the dead of summer. Second of all, you LOOK RIDICULOUS.

Same thing with Uggs. I’ve seen people wear them to the beach. Not only is that unnecessary, it’s borderline retarded.

Finally, for everyone that needs to know the appropriate way to wear winter weather gear, just refer to this guy:

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Rachel said...

first...that picture is AWESOME. Second...our decision making process rocks and ALWAYS turns into a fun time :) speaking of which i need to go back to target and get more matching chairs. Third...I cant tell you how glad i am that you didnt wear the boots in non weather apropriate weather.