29 January 2007

Weekend Observations, Rock n' Roll Edition.

Friday, after a dinner of cheese enchilada and chile rellenos, some friends and I headed to the Black Cat to see Washington Social Club, These United States, and Let’s French. WSC is my favorite local band and Rachel had wanted to see These United States live ever since hearing a couple of their tracks on a local “On Tap” music CD sampler.

Washington Social Club put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen them play, and, Rachel has covered this in her blog, but they have one of the most “unique” fans (and now on-stage inspirations) I have ever had the unparalleled pleasure of witnessing. I am eagerly anticipating WSC’s follow-up album to “Catching Looks,” and hope they thank Pseudo-Jack Black, the most riveting dancer this side of the Mississippi, in their liner notes.

For my review of These United States, I will first refer you my previous post, which thoroughly explains my disdain for weather-related gear (ESPECIALLY RUBBER BOOTS) in non-weather appropriate conditions (indoors, for example).

I will then give my review of the band through the following collage of photos:

Although Will (pictured above in the manscarf) is almost always socially inappropriate, he manages to be fashionably approriate in an understated, yet seasonably acceptable manscarf. Kudos to you, Will.

In closing,


Rachel said...

I wish the dancing guy from this show could meet the dancing guy from the jack's mannequin show.

Rachel said...

also you forgot to mention the lacoste cardigan and the facionable button up...these boys are no doubt rock n' roll ;)