04 April 2007

The Beach House part deux.

I just had a “eureka” moment.

Backstory: I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding this May and am collaborating with the groom’s brother for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Manhattan the Thursday before the wedding. Apparently all the other groomsmen were slacking, so we formed our own party committee. Two of the groomsmen are Mike’s best friends from college: Bob and Jeff. During my and Shamra’s last semester at Penn State, we pretty much solely hung out with them and (the Bride) Sarah at Mike and Bob’s apartment, which we referred to as “The Beach House.”

Beach house weekends (every weekend) basically entailed the cheapest liquor we could find (particularly off-brand goldschlagger and tequila) and Natural Light beer. Around midnight we would turn off the lights and put on Jock Jams and/or Outkast and participated in what we referred to as “Dance Party 2003.” Yeah that’s right, The Beach House turned into a ridiculous Dance Club. Members only.

So anyyyyyway, I’m emailing with Mike’s brother and he was commenting on how Jeff and Bob are slacking on the bachelor party front, won’t plan anything and will probably never RSVP, but might just end up showing up at the 11th hour. This was no shock to me as this was pretty much how things always worked out. But as I read it I said to myself “hmphf. Sounds like Will and Ted.”

And that’s when it hit me.

I am having a friends repeat.

Mike and Tristan/Mike and Sarah: Token happy couple who’s glue that brought us all together. Just to point out the EVEN CREEPIER PART: Mike and Mike have the same name. See? I told you. CREEPY.

Rachel/Shamra: Trusty sidekick/wing-girl. Rachel’s a vegetarian from Boston. Shamra’s a vegan from Chicago. AND THEY BOTH HAVE BROWN HAIR! In socially awkward situations, Shamra does things like put on the nearest football helmet and start banging her head into the wall. Rachel’s just always socially awkward and has probably just gotten used to it.

Mike/Mike’s friends--
Ted/Bob: Weird/funny hipster guys. Ted throws cheeseburgers at people’s faces and only goes to see indie films. Bob buys ridiculous vintage clothes on eBay and subscribes to Wine Spectator magazine. Bob’s really good at Trivial Pursuit and I have a sneaking suspicion that Ted is too.
Will/Jeff: Cute athletic loudmouth baseball fanatics. Both are all talk and no game. Both completely socially inappropriate after drinking a six pack.

“Will and Ted’s Excellent Apartment”/ “The Beach House”: We just show up unannounced and drink cheap beer and something awesome and unpredictable happens.

Me/Me: Hi, I’m Leslie and I’m living a repetitive life.

The thing is- all of those comparisons I’ve made at some point in the past few weeks as a passing “Oh, so-and-so reminds me of so-and-so.” It really wasn’t until just now that the whole group dynamic flashed before my brain and totally flummoxed me.


Shamra said...

Does Ted have a "closet of phases"?

LG said...

I don't *think* so. I can ask though. We're all pretty sure though, that he lives multiple lives. So I think that pretty much puts him in the same realm as Bob.

thestark said...

"Wine Spectator"?