18 April 2007

BREAKING Fashion News! (well, to me...)

Gap has introduced a line called “Design Editions” where the CFDA/Vogue fashion award winners (Doo.Ri, Thakoon, Rodarte) take on the classic white shirt. I got excited when I saw Thakoon was a participating designer, because I thought they might do a white-shirt take on that pink petal dress I’ve seen everywhere:

But alas, no. Even though I generally like all of the designers, I find the collection to be a disappointment. You can see it here. All pieces are $68-$88. I don’t think I am going to jump at this one, though. By the way, if anyone is interested in a pretty cool documentary on the CFDA/Vogue Young Designer awards process, Seamless is available for rent on Netflix. (spoiler alert) They filmed it the year Proenza Schouler won. (Also, at first, I was thinking of the 1995 flick "Unzipped," but wanted to double check...so I typed "Unzipped" in the Google toolbar and it automatically went to the first site. UMMMMMM, Yeah...don't do that. It's gay porn.)

Also, just found out the next Go! International designer for Target is going to be Patrick Robinson, former designer for Perry Ellis (Know who else got his start as the designer for Perry Ellis? Marc Jacobs!). Robinson calls the collection Mediterranean-inspired vacation wear. The pieces can be viewed here.

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Sarah said...

I can't wear strapless dresses, but the navy one is adorable. I like that the best.