11 April 2007


Stella McCartney designed a line for Australian Target? Its in Australian Target stores RIGHT...NOW. I mean, I really can't complain--we got Proenza Schouler (and to give Stella credit she did a line in the states for H&M two years ago), but this line trumps everything else I've seen. (Don't give me "the grass is always greener" speech. I've heard it and all it makes me want to do is steal the grass from the other side and sod it on top of mine.)**

I came about it as I was killing time sifting through a few chloe/marc jacobs/stella selections on Ebay (3 particular items I check regularly to see if they're available: [1.] Chloe snakeskin sandals, [2.] MJ Jeweled turquise flats--the HOLY GRAIL of shoes...I came thisclose in Paris. What am I going to do with a size five shoe? Glue a hook on it and wear it as earrings?, and [3.] Stella for H&M black Tulip dress, size 12).

Anyway, while I was searching Stella McCartney, I kept running accross the same few "sold out bird print" garments for well under what you'd pay at a Stella store for a sock (by the way I have been to the store in the meatpacking district. About all I could afford to do there was restock my perfume. It's my fave.).

So I started getting curious and ran across a slideshow of the entire line at this site.

First of all- who knew Australia even has Target stores? From what my Australian clients tell me, toilet paper is a luxury item over there, so I figure if they had a Target it'd be some sort of safari gear, dingo food or surfboard emporium. Come to find out they're pretty with-it fashion wise.

Now I'm researching Fed-Ex rates from the Sydney Target to NW DC...

**Update (written15 minutes after original post)-OK, after my initial excitement over the line, its not much different from the H&M line from 2 years ago. Similar concept, different cuts and color palette. There are pieces I like better from this line and pieces I like from the other. So I don't think I'll need that Tylenol PM tonight after all.

***Update on the update (written 5 minutes after the first update.): What am I talking about? This is America. We're supposed to get all the cool stuff!

Did you know there are discussion boards on the Vogue website dedicated to Stella McCartney clothing swaps? It just came up in Google. I'm not THAT crazy. OK, maybe a little.

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Shamra said...

Stella McCartney's clothes are vegan. See? Vegans can be AWESOME.