07 June 2007

Food Group Heaven and Totally Crossing the Line. (Herbivores beware).

Background info: After getting back from the bars last Friday, Sarah and I had a snack of spicy hummus and pita chips. Two weeks ago during our New York Trip, our vegan friend Shamra ate a pretzel from a Times Square vendor around 2:30 a.m. We've been trying to catch her in a web of meat or dairy ever since.

Actual e-conversation from yesterday afternoon:

me: All I have been eating this week is spicy hummus. I think I am addicted now.

Sarah: i think that hummus had something in it. because all i have been wanting is hummus as well. and i had to get it today at the cheese place.

Sarah: it's like i want to turn myself into a human pita and jump into a pool of hummus

me: you went to a place with cheese and hummus?

me: is it called "heaven"?

Sarah: close, Kashkaval. wine cheese and hummus. it's amazing. i will take you next time you are up

me: please and thank you.

Sarah: and it's so inexpensive too. for what you are getting. plus they are GENEROUS with the wine.

me: at lunch hour? love it. i think a hefty glass of wine during lunch would solve a lot of my work problems.

Sarah: but i don't have to work Friday so my agenda tomorrow night is to get wine drunk

me: luckyyyyy

Sarah: yeah. my boss gives us 3 "free" fridays during the summer

me: wow. that is completely and totally awesome.

Sarah: plus, we get the most delicious bagels on Friday. they come from heaven i think. not the same cheese heaven though

me: well there are different heavens for different food groups. obviously.

Sarah: but i will have the "heaven EZ pass" to get into them all

me: Shamra will be S.O.L. I don't think there is a Vegan heaven.

Me: But if there is it's only filled with wheat grass and pizza crusts. And rivers flowing with dandelion wine

Sarah: yes!!! i am going to look right now to see if there are eggs in pretzels.

me: http://strothotte.com/pretzels.php. no egg. but there is butter (dairy). and Yeast....which is ALIVE! hello! so not Vegan.

Sarah: oh man. i love it.

me: She might as well eat raw baby bunny rabbits.

Sarah: oh totally. i will make her some bunny and kitten soup.

me: Yum. I love bunny and kitten soup. Do you make yours in a broth of panda bear blood?

Sarah: I used to use panda bear blood, but then people were getting so up in arms about african elephants so I changed to the blood of African elephant calves. With a sprinkle of polar bear claw.

me: freash or dried? it's so hard to come by, frsh. At least that's what I;ve found.

Me: hello, typing skills.

Sarah: well when you are filling your belly with seahorse cavier, your fingers get a little stucky.

me: tell me about it. My leather keyboard cover is getting wrecked.

Sarah: you should totally switch to the new ivory tusk Apple, it's really cool, doesn't have the stickiness factor of leather. plus they send you a new one every month so you can just throw it out and start over each month

me: I'm so used to PC's though. I'm waiting for the blue whale-bone Dell to come out. Drops in 2008.

Sarah: oh, I think I heard about that... is that the one with the live squid printer?

me: Yes- that one. You must have seen their big ad campaign that's been running during the "Bluetooth or Crazy?" marathon on the Gameshow Channel. Personally, I think they went with the wrong ad buy. They should have gone with "Poachers and Exotic Animal Stews" on the Food Network.

Sarah: YES!

Sarah: I think this might be the best conversation I have ever had online!

me: I'm never afraid to cross the line when I talk to you. I think that's the mark of a good friendship.


Kristin said...


Rachel said...

in shamra's defense most pretzles arent made with butter so really it depends what kind she had. for example newman's own: Organic unbleached wheat flour, yellow pea flour, gluten, organic sunflower oil, salt, organic sugar, organic barley malt, yeast, sodium bicarbonate

Also yeast is just a fungus...so are mushrooms...so i'd say she gets a green light on that one too.

so screw you all non vegan lovers ;)

LG said...

You think they sell Newman's Own at a street cart in midtown at 2:30 am?

It was a warm doughy soft pretzel. Probably injected with trans-fat and baby seal oil before it was dipped in the butter churned from 100 cows.

Oh wait. Maybe it was the "organic" street vendor that also sells "vegetarian" french fries.

Rachel said...

you didnt specify soft pretzle...yeah, those arent vegan. its just the crispy ones that are.

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