25 June 2007

Oh, I blogged about it, senorita.

I was so exhausted by the end of the week that I was really not planning on going out Friday evening. But it’s pretty rare that I get a call from “Hippie Will” (that’s one of Will’s personalities, also known as “Fun Will”) at 6:30 pm on a Friday, so even though I was taking a post-work nap, I decided wake up and accompany him to the Georgetown waterfront area. Will had never been before, so he was unaware that it was “Seersucker Jacket Required.” Neither of us wore our deck shoes or polo shirts either. But luckily, we ran into some friends pretty early in the evening who were wearing all three of the aforementioned attire requisites between the two of them. So we weren’t completely shunned.

The near-perfect weather made for standing room only at all the waterfront bars but after Rachel, Mike and Tristan arrived later that evening, we headed to dinner at Five Guys and elsewhere in the G-town area.

Saturday I spent the day on a Photo Safari. Rachel and Jessica seem to think this requires khaki attire and bug netting, but this is not actually the case. It’s more like a destination photography class. I had purchased a gift certificate for my Dad to take a Photo Safari for Christmas and told him whichever safari location and date he signed up for, I would go with him. It took us a while to get coordinated (about 6 months, obviously), but our Safari was to the Washington National Cathedral. We got a behind-the scenes tour, but my favorite part was all the different gargoyles. They were extraordinarily unique and unlike any I had ever seen at cathedrals elsewhere. And if you think I am being sensational in my assessment consider that one of the gargoyles displayed on the cathedral is Darth Vader.

Yep. Apparently, as the church was being designed, some dude was like “Hey. Old churches have these mythological images of evil that we don’t quite understand today, why not leave our own postmodern symbol of evil on the church for people centuries form now to interpret?” So there you have it. Darth Vader. Symbol of evil on the National Cathedral. There was also a weeping sea turtle gargoyle, a girl-with-braces gargoyle, an elephant gargoyle, and something that looked like Bowser Koopa from Super Mario World. I was by far the most amateur photographer on the trip, but that aspect was more for my Dad, a hobby-photographer, anyway. I was way more interested by all the cool architecture lessons and the other nifty facts our docent shared with us.

Saturday night I hung out with Rachel, Peter and Will. Rachel cooked us dinner at her place (a pasta salad that I gave 5 stars out of 5 POSSIBLE stars) and we went out in Arlington to Dr. Dremos for pitchers of Miller Lite, Fooseball and Darts. Around 2am we were all starving and Taco Bell was next door. But only the drive through was open and we were on foot. They refused to serve us. So in my rage over being denied my “Fourthmeal” I yelled “I am going to blog about this!”

So. If you take anything away from this post. It should be that you should go to the Arlington Taco Bell by the Courthouse Metro Stop, pretend like you’re about to order many, many burritos, and then be like “No, bitch. You wouldn’t serve Leslie on foot and she blogged about it. I’m boycotting this franchise location. Suckaaaas.”


Rachel said...

man i hated that lady! what a bitch. she saw us tired and hungry standing there on the other side of the glass window and she turned around and ignored us. i hate her so much.

joe said...

Someone told me about how he was once drunk late at night with his friends and wanted to go to Wendy's. Like Taco Bell, only the drive through is open late. So he and his 3 friends went to the back of the line of cars in the drive-through and spread out and pretended they were sitting in an invisible car, with the guy in the driver's seat pretending to drive. They waited their turn and drove through the whole drive-up line like they had a car and when they pulled up to the window the Wendy's worker still refused to serve them. I guess it's good we still have people who follow the rules, strange as the rules are.

LG said...

Don't think that I DIDN'T consider the invisible car approach.