18 June 2007

Lazy Sunday.

This weekend I went with 7 friends to go strawberry picking in the Maryland “countryside”…about an hour and a half outside of DC. The patch we Google mapped, however, ended up being out of strawberries to pick until the following week. So in lieu we went to lunch at a $12 all you can eat buffet called "The Cozy Inn Restaurant." Fried Chicken, Man n’ Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Fried Shrimp, Corn, “Chef’s Surprise”…you know, like a health-food-bar-type thing. None of us were very social after hitting the pie smorgasbord, though. I think our systems shut down to digest the food.

When I got home from the country, I took a nap until my brother arrived around 5pm. We watched, probably the best “B” movie ever: The Phantom, starring Billy Zane. I think it runs about an hour and a half straight through, but we always seem to turn it into a 2-hour affair with all the stopping and rewinding we do to re-watch certain parts. And every time we watch it, we pick up on something new. Like this time, we noticed that the little Indonesian kid that can’t speak English’s name is “Zack.”

Sunday I spent in bed watching 7 hours worth of DVDs. The buffet combined with all the drinking I did while watching The Phantom and afterwards Saturday night at the 9:30 club, pretty much made me comatose until Monday morning.

The 7 hour DVD-a-thon consisted of:
Taxi Driver (on Charlotte’s recommendation from Friday. She told me that I needed to #1 queue it and she seemed pretty serious about it.). ***** (That’s 5 stars. Wow. I can’t believe I HADN’T seen this movie until now. Although, I have some problems with the ending.).
Motorcycle Diaries (On my own recommendation. Saw it when it first came out and re-queued it cause I loved it. The landscape and cinematography alone is worth it) ***** (That’s 5 stars)
Magnolia (on Ted’s recommendation from a while back) **** (That’s 4 stars. John C. Reilly gets five though. He was dope. I always love Philip Seymour Hoffman. Even Tom Cruise gets a pat on the back from me for this role. The movie would have gotten 5, but they lost me at the end with the frogs.)

So basically, I ate a weeks worth a food, watched a weeks worth of movies and slept for 2 days. I am totally what’s wrong with America.

I’m going to the gym.

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C said...

Wow. Two days and no comments?

Maybe your next blog should have more explosions and love that could never be...