15 March 2007

Blond "moments" aren't supposed to last 2 weeks.

For the past two weeks, all I have heard people talk about is the History Channel documentary on Jonestown.

It all started when, before going to the 9:30 club two weeks ago, Levi, Robbie and Rachel were sitting in my living room watching the Lifetime Original Movie: The Fantasia Barrino Story. Levi had recently watched the History Channel Documentary on Jonestown and was recapping, frame-for-frame, what had happened, for Robbie and Rachel. Evan and I were in my room watching Charlotte beat Super Mario World. I think Jessica was in the kitchen testing out my rum collection.

Anyway, the next day, Rachel told me about how Levi had spoken for an hour about Jonestown and how he was the ultimate authority on Jonestown, and how the documentary totally freaked him out, blah blah blah blah. I thought that was kinda weird, but, whatever.

The talk about the Jonestown documentary went back and forth between Charlotte and Rachel for a while via teh Myspaces and blog comments, etc. So last night, Rachel asked if she saw the comment Charlotte left for her on Myspace re: Jonestown and vice versa. I told her I had not, and then Laura jumped in and exclaimed that she has just seen an AMAZING DOCUMENTARY ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL ABOUT JONESTOWN. And then they go on to discuss how crazy scary it was and how it totally freaked them out. So now I am just totally lost and wondering why it was so scary, but basically kept my thoughts to myself so that I wasn’t forced into watching some hour-long documentary on Pocahontas.

Yes. That’s right. I thought Jonestown was Jamestown.

All this time, I’m thinking, what was soooooooo fucked up and scary about Jamestown? Did the settelers eat the native Americans? Did they practice some sort of zany voodoo? What could possibly have been so fucking scary about settlers? Did they omit it from the Disney movie?

It was yesterday that I finally looked at the MySpace dialogue between R-Bone and Char-Bone, which included phrases like “as long as he doesn’t bring you kool-aid” and “massacre” that I finally decided to Wikipedia that shit.

Man, Jonestown WAS fucked up.


Rachel said...

first off it was 2 hours long. second...WOW. seriously? Thats amazing. Although I did hear some freaky shit went down at Jamestown too!

Charlotte! said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever read.

Robbie said...

Sidenote: the phrase "drink the kool aid" was coined from the Jonestown massacre. Check it: http://www.wordspy.com/words/drinktheKool-Aid.asp

And yes, it WAS crazy times. Jessica and I are actually getting a 2nd Jonestown documentary off Netflix, done by Jim Jones' other son.

And the confusion between Jonestown and Jamestown is funny.

J said...

Kool-Aid is actually a misnomer because it was Flavor-aid. "White night...white night"

Sarah said...

Oh. Apparently I didn't comment... This entry was hilarious.