29 March 2007

Maintaining my air of mystery. Sorta.

I have had one of the most unbelievably random weeks—which would make you think, perfect for the blog, right?

Unfortunately, I really can’t go on the record with everything that has happened because almost all of it deals with either work, past guys, current guys or all of the above at once.

In fact, my week, as of yesterday, had hit such an apex of ridiculousness that I actually had to bullet out talking points to Rachel when I met her for happy hour so that I wouldn’t forget to mention all the crazy shit that happened to me that day.

Since Saturday night, I have
-run into more random acquaintances and/or past crushes than I can count on one hand (not an exaggeration)

-accidentally crashed a birthday party for someone I had never met (and still didn’t meet him at the party) and then ended up sitting next to the birthday boy at a closed-door meeting on the Hill this week (this is the real story I want to tell you guys, but its pretty inappropriate since its work-involved)

-discovered that Rachel is the only person on the entire planet that has met every guy I’ve ever been involved with or liked since I’ve been in DC (there’s six of them and she met 2 in the past week on random run-ins)

-Punched Rachel at the Black Cat for one of the funniest/snarkiest comments I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth (it was a love punch). I wish I could repeat it.

-Questioned if I was actually on Candid Camera. It also made me think what my life would be like if MTV edited it. (By the way-- season finale of The Hills this Monday! Cised.)

So for people reading this post, I guess this is a boring tease. But if you ask, I’ll probably tell you the stories off the record.

I just didn’t want everyone to think my life was boring because I haven’t posted anything. Au contraire. Taking a note from Charlotte and the elimination of her blog for privacy reasons, it’s just a little to risky to put all my business on the official record.

And just cause I feel like it (and this post's title reminded me of the scene):

Dignan: Bob Mapplethorpe, potential get-away driver: go!

Bob: Well, I think there's a real air of mystery about me.

Dignan: Don't complicate it. Your number one strength is you have a car you can provide. Sell yourself! Start over. Ready, go!

Bob: Okay, alright. I'm a risk taker! I'm growin' an entire crop of marijuana plants in my parents back yard! I think that shows...

Dignan: Wait, you're growing an entire crop of marijuana in your back yard?

Bob: Dignan, look. I'm just not very good at this selling-yourself stuff, okay? So, I'm just gonna tell you the truth. I really wanna be a part of this team. And I'm the only one with a car.

Dignan: That's good. That's good. 'Cause that hits me right here.


Rachel said...

haha that post is hillarious but only b/c i know all the back stories :) I have enjoyed meeting all your boys though. And I didnt mind the love punch, it was worth it. lol.

Lameevan said...

hmm, bottle rocket, good pull

joe said...

haha, i want to hear the snarky comment. I'm not even sure i've heard of that adjective before. You should privacy protect your blog or something (though that's kinda gay), and then spill allll your secrets.

No blog lately = my life sucks right now :(

Shamra said...
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Shamra said...

I wish I was in your DC inner circle. Not just the American square.

Dignan said...

Pointless act! You don't give a 500 dollar tip to the housekeeper! That's inappropriate! That's inexcusable! That, I don't forgive! What were you thinking? What were you thinking?