06 March 2007

This Weekend, Bad Decisions Made for Lost Opportunities.

Friday night somehow turned into a re-run of St. Patrick's Day 2006. I met some people at Madhatter for their $2-rail-drinks-happy-hour to celebrate Jen’s new gig and then headed to Bertucci’s with R-Bone, M-Bone, T-Bone & Tilley for a delicious brick-oven-style pizza. (Just to bring this full circle, I went to Bertucci’s and Madhatter for St Pat's last year). It was at Bertucci’s over a glass of pinot noir that I made a decision that is a common theme among my many drunken ones: a BAD DECISION.

I decided to decline an offer to see The Thermals at the Black Cat. I didn’t realize this was such a bad move until Rachel came over the next morning and forced me into downloading their CD (thank you, Rachel). I am currently obsessed with their album “The Body, The Blood, The Machine.” I want to get their latest release, but Rachel is going to trade me that for the one I downloaded. If any of you have ever ventured out to see any local bands with me (I am not going to name names here), listen to "Returning to the Fold." Not only is this pretty much the tightest song ever, but you might notice it sounds strangely familiar. I'm not calling anyone out on it, it's probably pure coincidence. I'm just sayin'. It cannot go unnoticed.

MY Friday, after I declined the Thermals ticket, was a night of intense discussion over which senator has the best hair and which has the worst hair, half a Dunkin’ Donut Old Fashioned, and as serving as a key witness to Will and Ted’s excellent drunk neighbor assaulting them with apologies for ruining the secret smoking spot in their apartment building. I can’t do that scene any real justice on my blog, but her apology speech might have been scripted by Larry David. I’m not sure.

Saturday night I was assigned with securing a table at Fado for Sara’s birthday while the rest of the group was at the Caps game (I declined a ticket to that too. I guess I’m pretty anti-tickets lately. Except for my Shins ticket for March 12th. Ohhhh snap!!). Luckily, I wasn’t alone in holding down the fort. I sat with Mike, Tristan, Will, and Ted until the game crew arrived. Will showed up blitzed and fell out of his “tree chair” at least twice. I thought he was going to get kicked out before the party even arrived. It didn’t actually get real interesting until the end of the night when Ted decided he would punish Rachel for stealing his keys by eating a piece of gum every 30 seconds until she returned them. Rachel didn’t really care since it was my gum. When I tried to protest, she said “Leslie. Just let it happen. Just let. It. Happen.” It was almost a lost opportunity, but I let Rachel make my drunk decision for me. It really was worth it, in the end, when Ted tried (reaaaallllly tried) and failed to blow a 14-piece bubble. If you want a full play by play of that incident, it's on my picture page here. (The gum- key incident is near the bottom of the page)

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Rachel said...

BAD decisions libs!

sorry about your gum...but it was well worth it.