12 March 2007

March Madness

This weekend I went to my last Wizards game for a while. It was the last ticket in my package, and fittingly so. I’m taking a break from NBA just in time to grant my full attention to my NCAA bracket.

Many of you might know of my exxxtreme (too bad I can’t have fire and lasers shooting out of words on here. But picture “EXXXTREME” that way) disdain for everything “Buckeye.” Unfortunately I saw no way around not including Ohio State in my final four and having a shot at any pool winnings. After some bracket talk with Rachel, where she called my second round upset of Marquette over UNC “bold,” and perhaps even “aggressive,” she brought to my atttention that it’s entirely possible that Duke could play Ohio State in the finals.

If that happens, I will implode.

All I ask is that someone make sure to get it on video and embed the You Tube link in my blog. It will be my final and grand farewell.

Fuckin’ Duke.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Dont worry i'll tape it. In return can I have your dvd collection when you implode?