21 March 2007

"I'll probably hate her. I CAN'T WAIT!"

(That's a line delivered by Amy Adams from the movie I watched last night, "Junebug.")

I know Rachel reads my blog, so I won’t slam “The O.C.” too hard. But seriously, that is a terrible, terrible television show. I have seen it a handful of times and my least favorite character was always the main hard-ass, wrong-side-of-the-tracks-guy that the rich O.C. family adopted. I don’t know his character’s name, but he’s played by Benjamin McKenzie and looks like he’s about 30 years old. (For the record, I strictly limit my SoCal-themed programming to The Hills and Laguna Beach, season 1).

So you can imagine my surprise last night as I am watching the movie “Junebug” and thinking: “Wow that guy’s a good actor. He looks pretty familiar. What have I seen him in? Take away the Carolina Panthers cap and the moustache…HOLY FUCK THAT’S THE GUY FROM THE O.C.”

Benjamin McKenzie and Amy Adams star in one of the best movies I have seen years. Both gave great performances. I laughed out loud, I cried, sometimes I did both at the same time.

About a quarter of the way into the movie I was already sold on its awesomeness and thinking “God, I hope Charlotte has seen this movie because it has her written all over it. She’ll die.” Sure enough, she had seen it and we had a discussion about Junebug this morning. She basically yanked the words right out of my mouth but I will attribute the following true statements to her:

1. “It is a CRIME that Amy Adams didn't win the Oscar.” I agree. From the moment she opened her mouth in her first scene, I was hooked. She plays an immature, over-excited, devout Christian pregnant woman, who, if she were someone I knew in real life I’d probably avoid talking to at all costs. But she’s loveable in the movie because the viewer can see that she’s incredibly genuine in her excitement, cares deeply for her family in spite of their shortcomings, truly sees the good in people and situations and doesn’t let her personal insecurities weaken her attitude or love for others. And at the same time, she’s absolutely hilarious to watch. (After writing this I went to go see who else was nominated in Adams's category that year- Rachel Weisz won for "The Constant Gradener," another of my favorite films. And she was fantastic in it. 2005 was truly a great year for movies. Crash. Brokeback. Capote. Walk the Line. Munich. Match Point. Syriana. Constant Gardener. Junebug. Seriously awesome year.)

2. “That movie went from being the funniest movie ever to the saddest movie ever in 3 seconds.” You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about if you see this movie. I don’t want to spoil the plot. (Also, if you see it or have seen it, my favorite scene is when the kid from The O.C. goes to work at the China packing warehouse. His co-workers are, in a word, AWESOME.)

3. “Even Levi cried.” This is not shocking to me on any level.

4. “I was stunned by how good the OC boy was.” I’ve already covered that point, but I thought I’d throw this is in for good measure.

5. “That is the definition of comedy/drama.” I’m going to have to figure this movie into my top 10 somehow. What gets booted is up for consideration.


Rachel said...

alright I'll definately need to see that movie now. and of course Ryan...I mean ben mackenzie is a good actor! Do you think levi cried more in this movie or in the notebook if he has infact seen the notebook...biggest tear jerker EVER. Although I hear that boys tend to cry in "rudy" which I have yet to see.

LG said...

I did not cry in the Notebook. It was to cheesy and unrealistic for me. I couldn't buy into it. No matter how hot Ryan Gosling is.

Charlotte! said...

We haven't seen The Notebook. That said, I think the only other movie Levi's ever admitted to crying in is Brian's Song. B/c I think dudes get a free pass for that one. It's basically like Steel Magnolias for the gents.

Sarah said...

The clothing in The Notebook was amazing. Junebug is definitely on my giant list of movies to see!