16 February 2007

Ebay is turning me into a crazy person.

My navy and black silk Proenza Schouler dress arrived the other day (I had to order it as they were out of my size in-store). I’d already decided that’s what I was going to wear to a party next Saturday (well, actually, I’m one of 8 hosts and it’s the third annual…we dress up every year). Then I had a smashing idea! I would wear the dress with black tights (inkeeping with fashion week trend #2 from this post) and the most dazzling shoes I’ve seen so far in 2007 (even though they’re from 2005-ish), which I had just spotted for “cheap” that day on Ebay:

Chloe Silver Chrome Snakeskin Sandals

Anyway, I rarely bid on anything ‘til the last hour, so I flagged the item and waited to bid. When I returned Wednesday evening, 20 minutes to close, I was pretty confident I’d get them as no one else had bid on the shoes for the entire run, so I didn’t anticipate a bidding war (which was great cause the price was super low for these particular shoes…compared to their original retail price). Long story short, Ebay member rachelmarie822 is now on my shit list. She is a sneaky Ebay lurker, last-minute bidder and a life-ruiner.

Anyway, I’ve tried to find similar shoes elsewhere, but it’s just not the same. It’s not the Chloe snakeskin shoes! The only thing that even comes close in terms of me liking them are the silver Manolo D’Orsay pumps, but they’re 8 times more expensive because they’re regular retail price and I really just like the Chloe ones better.

The sad part is, I like them more now that I know I’ll probably never have them. This is a personal issue I need to work on and is probably the single-most dominant psychosis I have in all areas of my life. At least I am self-aware. Especially when it comes to shoes.

In the Liam Lynch Music Video of my life, those chloe shoes “rule” and that sales lady is rachelmarie822. Let’s get some shoes:

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Rachel said...

ebay is a weird thing like that, i started off bidding on snes games and before i knew it i had won a 1905 map of boston and was bidding on safran spice jars....clearly not things i actually need. In the past i've also bought a lotr ring which i'm still bitter that it never actually arrived. My life would be so much better if i had that ring.