26 February 2007

Oscar Scorecard.

I went 5 for 6 in predicting wins for the only categories that matter.

Best Pic:
Who I wanted to win- The Departed
Who I predicted would win- The Departed
Who won- The Departed. Because it’s money.

Who I wanted to win- Scorsese
Who I predicted would win- Scorsese
Who won- Scorsese

Best Actor:
Who I wanted to win- Ryan Gosling (only since I saw Half Nelson this weekend. Rent it NOW.)
Who I predicted would win- Forest Whitaker
Who won- Forest (still need to rent this movie. From the clips I’ve seen, this was well-deserved).

Best Actress:
Who I wanted to win- Helen Mirren
Who I predicted would win- Helen Mirren
Who won- Helen Mirren. I don’t know how old she is. 60, maybe? Is it wrong that I wish I had the body of a 60 year old? She is rockin’.

Supporting Actor:
Who I wanted to win- Marky Mark.
Who I predicted would win- Eddie Murphy (Yeah, I dunno. This category was kind of a crapshoot)
Who won- Alan Arkin. From WWTDD's Oscar re-cap: Alan Arkin. It's nice to see someone who is Jewish finally have some success in Hollywood. This win may finally open some doors.

Supporting Actress:
Who I wanted to win- Rinko Kikuchi
Who I predicted would win- Jennifer Hudson
Who won- Jennifer Hudson (Am I the only person on Earth that finds her incredibly annoying? She should have won American idol, but seriously, get off the cover of Vogue. You’re going on my worst dressed list too.)

I did NOT, however, predict that this was going to happen:

And now for what really matters. Worst dressed.
I’m not going to clutter my blog page with photos of terrible clothing. If you want to see this hot mess of Oscar dresses, click on the link.

Jennifer Hudson - Hate the color. Hate the fit. Hate that witch-collared shrug.

I don’t even know who this is (the caption says Eva Green). The terribleness of the dress speaks for itself.

Beyonce- Is she wearing a sash made of stones? That can’t be comfortable.

Naomi Watts looks like a bumblebee with sleeves.

Kirsten Dunst- But seriously, if you know me, who didn’t see that coming? She makes my skin crawl. Although, in her defense, one of my all time favorite Oscar looks was her in 2005. It was pretty much all downhill from there, though. I was actually pretty stoked that Marie Antoinette won for Best Costumes. I got that on DVD just for the music and fashion. And for the cinematic miracle that was making Dunst look human. And actually, coughprettycoughcough.

Let’s end on a positive note.

My favorite of the night: Gwyneth Paltrow in Zac Posen. The hair, the makeup, the dress—worked together splendidly. STUN-NING.

Reese is on fire. She hasn’t missed a best-dressed list at any awards show I’ve seen her at this season. Goes on to support my anecdotal theory that the ladies only get better after breakups. Here she is in Nina Ricci by Olivier Theyskens.

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa. You might notice this was one of my fashion week picks (it was shown in black then). J-Lo might not be my favorite person but she’s been making some good style choices lately. Probably her worst decision was to bring Skeletor as her date.

There were some other good looks: Maggie Gyllenhall in Proenza Schouler, the producer lady that won the humanitarian award, Marky Mark’s date (wife?? Baby’s momma?) but nothing else really blew me away.

Wait. I take that back. Who is this stunner?


Rachel said...

does ladies getting better after breakups include brittany spears and her new bald look?

LG said...

I mean, the theory has a few caveats.

For example, does not apply to paranoid schizophrenics.

Charlotte! said...

I actually wrote in an email today that the only dress I liked was the Paramount head/humanitarian lady. that dress was awesome.

But that's because I didn't see Reese Witherspoon. Wow. She looks absolutely perfect.

And seriously, "The whole bloody world's sayin' 'Whne's Winslet goin' to win one!?!'"

Rachel said...

The whole world might be saying that about winslet...however I on the other hand am wondering it about Leonardo....I almost cried when he didnt win :( ok so maybe there were no tears, but I was severely dissapointed.