14 February 2007

I can't hearr*

Last night, Laura, Rachel and I went to see Stellastarr* play at Rock n’ Roll Hotel. Having been there half a dozen times, I can attest that this is not just a one night fluke: That venue’s sound is wired like fucking Madison Square Garden. When the size of the place is only about twice that of my apartment, that is NOT a good thing. WHY? WHY SO LOUD? I love Stellastarr* and all, but unless the single off their next album is a cover of “Since U Been Gone,” I don’t see many Madison Square Garden appearances in their near future.

And I don’t think it’s just me in my old age. About 2 songs into the set, the drummer stood up and sign-languaged every instrument on stage and motioned his thumb down, like they had crazy people working at RnR. Or deaf people. Maybe that explains why it was so loud. Luckily, I knew the first couple of songs and so I could make out what I was listening for. But if some random just showed up, it would just be ridiculous cacophony.

Even after they fixed the levels, it was still painfully loud. But RnR needs to fix this situation or I am gonna start being real choosy on who I decide to see there.

Stellastarr* was great, though, and we were all in the front row. The opener was a local band called Soft Complex and they were impressive. I’ll leave the music reviews to Rachel (since I know she agrees with my assessment). And anyone interested in checking out a super awesome valentine today might want to check her blog.

[Sounds like The Cure + Interpol...or...AWESOME.]

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Rachel said...

one might say standing infront of the speaker was the problem...but no, it really didnt matter where you stood! i'm definately going to be picky about shows there, i dont want to go deaf at age 25! although i'm having trouble hearing anything today, so last night might have done it...