22 February 2007

I'm going to start a "Wiki-ASSHOLES."

Last night was the second show in less than a week I’ve been to at the 9:30 Club where the main act credited MySpace for their success. The band I saw last night even wrote a song about teh awesome MySpace: “New Friend Request.” And now, I would like to regale you with a tale of how MySpace saved my sanity. Thanks, Tom.

I had three tickets for last night’s Gym Class Heroes show- one for me, one for my friend Rich, and one for his girlfriend, KG. KG ended up not being able to go to the show and so I put her ticket up for sale on Craigslist. The show was sold out, so I was getting mad offers for it. I ended up asking Rich if it was OK if I sold all three and we’d just blow our earnings on dinner and drinks instead. I like Gym Class Heroes, but I don’t $50/ticket like them.

Flash forward to last night, one of my buyers backed out (it was OK though, I still recouped all my expenses plus $20), so I still had a ticket. I had arranged to meet another buyer at the U Street metro stop at 7pm. The guy texted me to say he was there and I told him I was wearing a light blue jacket. We saw each other from about 20 feet away and I was thinking “Ohmigod. Craigslist guy is cute. I did not see this coming.” We both kind of had dumb grins on our face and we made the switch. Then he asked if I was going to the show. I said, “Maybe. I have an extra ticket, but I’m having dinner with a friend. So I might make it if I feel like staying out. We’ll see.” Then we parted ways. And of course I immediately texted Rachel “OMG. Craigslist guy was hot.” I mean, that’s a given.

So midway through dinner with Rich I get a text. “Are you gonna come to the show?”

What?!?! Craigslist guy who I just majorly ripped off by selling him a ticket for triple face value is concerned about my decision to come to the show? Was this not concern, but in fact a hint that he wanted to see me again? I’ve dealt with Craigslist folk in the past and this was NOT textbook transaction behavior (unless you’re selling your porn collection. I do have a story to tell about that too). I asked counsel of no less than three people on what I should do. It was a unanimous: “Go.”

Anyway, me and Craigslist guy texted a bit back and forth—obviously flirting. Rich was encouraging of me meeting up with the CL dude and even gave me a ride to the club. I got there just as Gym Class Heroes was going on and texted the dude that I had indeed decided to come to the show. I didn’t hear back, but I figured, the headliners were on, it was loud, oh well. Enjoy the show.

Aside: GCH was tiiiiiiiight. They closed with “Clothes Off!” which I am really tempted to add to the playlist for this party I’m co-hosting on Saturday. But I think I’ll get scolded by the other hosts for not sticking to “the generic girl party music genre”—All Beyonce and 50 Cent ALL THE TIME!

As soon as the show ended, Craigslist guy texted me: “Hey, I just got your message” (that I had decided to come).

I was towards the back, so I’m already out the door and walking home. I texted back “No prob. I had a great spot. Did you have a good time?”

CL guy text: “Yeah. I wanted to say hi again.”

LG reply: “Well drop me a line next time you are in the city. You can say hi again then. Deal?”

CL guy: “Deal :)”

Wow. Wouldn’t you agree that is a great “cute meet”?


Guys, I want to let you in on a secret. You can find out just about anything about anyone on MySpace or Google. If a girl in interested, chances are, she’s Googled you. I don’t like to get in the habit of Googling people because I think it’s a little crazy. (I mean, I’ve certainly done it in select situations, but I have some friends who might have developed some sort of Googling psychosis.) But that’s why I have my friend Jessica, who Googles any guy I’ve ever mentioned to her whether I want her to or not (and also why I often withhold info and/or last names from her).

Anyway, long story short, I found Craigslist guy on MySpace.

And here is the punchline to my “cute meet”…wait for it….WAIT FOR IT….

According to the “About Me” portion of his MySpace profile, he’s a youth pastor that is married with two children.


At first I stared blankly in disbelief. Then I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes for a solid five minutes. Then I said to myself- "this will be great for my blog!"

No Deal.

[Update, 2:30pm: CL guy texted me. "How is your day going?" The way my "consultants" view it, I have two choices: 1. Ignore it (my preference), 2. Play along as a sort of social experiment as to just how far this guy will take it and post any absurdities on this blog. Thoughts?]


RQB said...

That tops any Retarded Quarterback post EVER! I'm still laughing...

Rachel said...

I may know how all the tricks to finding out all the inside scoop on anyone, but oddly enough google isnt one of them. weird huh? I think the overly nerdy part of me got paranoid that the searched person would some day find out i had searched them....i guess i need myself a "jessica" too to help me google people ;)

LG said...

Everyone needs a "Jessica." Rule.

Anonymous said...

If you publish my "selling porn for sexual favors" story, we're no longer friends. I didn't plan the outcome of that CL post.

LG said...

Your story is safe (from publishing) with me, Mr. "Anonymous."

Evan said...

but if he has two kids, WTF is he doing at a GCH show on a wednesday? Not to mention ASH wednesday.

Katie said...

Do the social experiement, you'll be like Dateline "To Catch a Predator" only it's LG "To Catch a Creepy Pastor Guy". And add the song to the playlist:).

Shamra said...

Maybe he could tell you needed to be converted. He can teach you the ways of Jesus!

Laura said...

Wow! Amazing story. I say go the social experiment route. There is little to lose and a great story to gain! And I am definitely up for some non-girly dancing music too!

Charlotte! said...

He was certainly *not* trying to claim you for Jesus. If I were you, I'd send him a message on myspace like, "Hey, saw you had a couple of kids. There's a family film festival in town next week and I'd love to get together with you and your wife!"