13 February 2007

Top 5: NY Fashion Week

Am I hallucinating? I was holding off on doing my fashion week top 5 because the Marc by Marc Jacobs show hadn’t happened yet. And it’s usually one of the last shows. But here we are and its now London fashion week—New York fashion week has passed—and I have seen no trace of a Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show. Marc Jacobs, yes. Marc by Marc Jacobs, no. AND THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE, PEOPLE (I know at least one of my friends can back me up here, KRISTIN. Hell, Phillip knows enough about this stuff from hearing the two of us go on about it. He can probably back me up).

By the way, the only time Kristin and I have ever gotten into a fight (which basically constitutes us getting snappy and then not speaking for about 10 minutes) was on our wild goose chase for the Marc Jacobs store on a 95-degree day in Paris. It was a Marc Jacobs store—NOT a Marc by Marc Jacobs store—which meant the turquoise jeweled ballet flats that I’ve been looking for, for about a year and a half now, were not there (because they are Marc by MJ and PS- I am still looking for them to this day. The only reason I know they actually exist is because I saw them in a size 5 at Les Printemps that day) but the lavender-ish grey lace and jersey dress as seen on Lindsay Lohan et al was there (on sale for 1800 euros instead of 3000). And the nicest person we met on our whole trip, the MJ saleslady, told Kristin to try it on. Our fight basically ended upon entering the Marc Jacobs store, which was not on a street at all, but on a pedestrian walkway/alley whose back faced a large garden area. Kristin wanted to know why MJ chose to hide his store on a non-existent street. I said because he’s “edgy.” Theory was later proved in October of 2006 when I went to MJ San Francisco. Also located in an alley.

I frequent the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in NYC’s West Village (next to Magnolia “miracle cupcakes” Bakery). Here is the difference between MJ and Marc by MJ:

Paris store (MJ): Has a glass case filled famous dresses worn by celebrities, including Anne Hathaway’s navy blue tulle with silver sparkles Oscar dress from last year.

New York store (Marc by MJ): Sells condoms with a wrapper that says “Always remember, Safety First! XOXO-Marc Jacobs” (OK, it’s not like a sex shop or anything, that was just one example, but tacky trinkets are the name of the game. Like, the MJ lipstick pen sitting here on my desk. Or the heart-shaped tortiseshell compact mirror for $5.00).

I want a tacky, kitschy, vinatagy, affordable, fun, girly Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show. Not proper girls in hats (see complete MJ show here http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/F2007RTW/complete/thumb/MJACOBS).

Fuck it. Here’s my top 5:


Rachel said...

wow i def wouldnt have picked your #1 anywhere in my top 5 (or top 10 for that matter) but thats just me...i do like the other 4 though.

Also I HEART MARC by MJ CONDOMS! really any good store should offer amusing condoms...as also seen with magic hat's "magic hat".

LG said...

Oh well, that's too bad for you because outfit #1 IS TOTALLY HAPPENING!

So are the yellow wedges (not in the same outfit though).

Although if you ever do anything to piss me off, maybe I WILL wear both together and I'll just come over and stand in front of your television while you're trying to watch Two and a Half Men.

Rachel said...

there is a difference between good yellow and bad yellow...and that is BAD yellow....and messing with two and a half men is NEVER funny! lets not even joke about it.