11 February 2007

Weekend Update

Friday night I had dinner with my Dad in Crofton (I had an awesome steak, a glass of pinot noir and something called “Death by Chocolate” for dessert. Good news, though, I powered through and I’m still alive.) Then went to my little bro’s hockey game. He plays for UMBC and they were up against an undefeated team that already had an automatic bid to the nationals in Colorado, and I had been forewarned by Lame Evan (that’s my brother) that it was probably going to be a blowout. Quite the opposite. If the refs hadn’t been borderline retarded (or anti-punctuality, that’s a different story though), UMBC would have won (they called an OBVIOUS goal a non-goal. If there were instant replay in college hockey, they would have challenged and won). Anyway, ended up in a tie, which is still a strong showing against a team of that caliber. It was an exciting game. Plus, UMBC goes to regionals next weekend and the first team they play is my arch-nemisis, Ohio State. Evan—I expect a complete update of your triumphant defeat of the pansy buckeyes immediately after the game. When I got home, my first issue of Bust Magazine had come in the mail and my wo-crush, Gwen Stefani was on the cover. Charlotte got me a subscription to the mag for Christmas, but it took awhile to kick in. I used to think that was a lesbian magazine, then one day I was at the newsstand and Parker Posey was on the cover. I said to myself “I don’t care if this is a lesbian magazine. That’s Parker Posey and I am a little gay for her anyway.” Then I found out it wasn’t a lesbian magazine. It was just an awesome magazine. And either Charlotte somehow magically channeled my brainwaves to know I wanted a subscription or just saw that their most-recent covergirls were Parker Posey, Amy Sedaris, and Tina Fey and knew it was pretty much the perfect gift for me. Either way, she nailed it.

Saturday I spent curled up on T-Bone (Tristan) and M-Bone’s (Mike’s) satellite dish (one of those round nest chairs) and watched M-Bone and Will turn T-Bone’s apartment into a driving range (they used a wiffleball. Luckily.). M-Bone cooked some bruschetta, we watched the Wisconsin-Iowa game, part of “Coming to America” and all of “The Big Lebowski” and then decided to go to Cosmic Bowling at Bowl America in Falls Church. Clearly, Saturday was splendid.

Today I went to see Babel, then came home and ordered pizza and watched Sherrybaby. Unbeknownst to me at the beginning of the day, I could not have picked two more depressing movies. Babel was excellent, though. It reminded me of Syriana (which I also loved). I think it was the whole divergent-plots-coming-together-by-the-end thing plus the overall anti-American theme. Sherrybaby was by no means “pleasant” to watch, but Maggie Gyllenhall gave a great performance. I’ve got to see Letters from Iwo Jima this week, in order to round out my Oscar “Best Picture” noms screenings. I’ve also got (netflixed) Half Nelson on the way (Ryan Gosling is nominated for that), Flags of our Fathers, and Running With Scissors (which I really meant to see in the theatre, seriously stoked/can’t wait to watch). Factory Girl finally came out this weekend, but I think that movie trip will have to wait ‘til after I cram in all the Oscar pics. Or maybe I’ll take myself on a Valentine’s movie date. I really love me. I’m awesome. I’ll probably buy myself chocolates.

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Rachel said...

I once bought a gay magazine by accident. It was in like 6th grade when collecting Absolute AD's were the coolest and I had quite the collection. Anyway my mom took my friend and I to barnes and nobles to buy teen beat or something and we noticed that this "rare" ad that we had wanted (absolut haring) was on the back of OUT magazine. without looking through we each bought one and went home. It wasnt till about a day later we looked through and realized it was a gay magazine.