07 February 2007

Fashion Week Trend I could live without: Trekkie Chic.

I usually am a big Luca Luca and Monique Lhuillier fan, but they’ve jumped on the “Astronaut Jones” fashion bandwagon. That's a funny skit and all, and I can see where you might be inspired, but we were laughing AT Tracey Morgan. Not with him.

Seriously though, what is with this futuristic trend? I can live without it and do not plan on embracing it this fall.

(I will say that most of the Monique L. collection wasn’t half bad, but she showed it on Clingon models.)

I might expect Rachel would like this sort of nonsense since she likes Star Wars, works for NASA and cises Dippin’ Dots (GARBAGE ice cream of the future). But not me. I'm more of a retro fashion fan. Although, the one Luca Luca dress I did love was this:

More trends to come...


Rachel said...

before i even got to the part where you say you'll expect me to like this i was writting my response in my head about how awesome this trend is! and while i dont actually watch star trek (i use to though) i fully approve of space related clothing.

although now that the picture has loaded i'm dissapointed in how little it really apropriate it is for space....nerd it up a bit more guys!

Lastly, one of the GREATEST moments on beauty and the geek this season is when one of the beauties...um...i mean geek...dressed up in his vulcan outfit for the elimination room and logically explained to the camera how it makes sense b/c he was nervous and thats the outfit he feels most comfortable in. Hillarious!

Charlotte! said...

Leslie - Dippin' Dots are the best frozen treat ever created by any civilization. I heard that the Mayans tried to make a frozen confection once and Dippin' Dots showed up in a space ship and were like, "Yo! We're from the future. We just came to laugh at your pathetic attemps at icy delights!" and the Mayans were so embarassed that all flung themselves off of their mountains and ceased to exsist as a people.

So you can just take that blasphemy right back. Or do *you* want to end up like the Mayans?

Didn't think so.

joe said...

Haha, the best part of beauty and the geek is when someone was being eliminated and the star trek guy gave his speech (directly from trek) about how time is a companion accompanying us through life. I think a single tear rolled down my cheek.

Trek clothing is the future, there's no point in resisting it (in other words, resistance is futile). I can't wait for the miniskirts to come back! Only, what, 250 years and then they'll be standard military issue.